Arab News’ The Face celebrates first anniversary

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Time: April 05, 2019  

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Saudi society remains a mystery to some, but through this series I shed light on successful Saudi women at home with their families.

The series is now one year old and I’m extremely proud of the people I have met through this project.

The Face opens a window on families in the Kingdom and offers a personal look into the lives of women I photograph, showing the world just who they are and revealing the drive behind their success.

As the series shows, the women’s success is not limited to one field but is based on a passion for doing what they love. That is the recipe for success, along with added family support.

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Arab News


Arab News’ , which offers a personal look into the lives of Saudi women, celebrates its first anniversary 

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Today a new generation of ambitious Saudi youths are looking for role models, and the women I’ve chosen offer extraordinary examples of dedication and family values.

Quite apart from frivolous influencers promoting material things, these women show that nothing is impossible with hard work.

This captures the essence of Saudi society: “Work hard, love hard.”

The most important part is focusing on these women’s achievements — whoever they are and in whatever profession they choose, they do it with love.

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