12 archaeological sites in Saudi Arabia’s Al-Ahsa World Heritage file

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Time: July 07, 2018

JEDDAH: Archaeologist and adviser to the president of the SCTH, Ali Al-Ghabban, who is a supervisor for the file submitted to list Al-Ahsa as one of UNESCO’s World Heritage Sites, said the file registered 12 archaeological sites in Al-Ahsa as a first stage.
Al-Ghabban said that 12 other archaeological sites, such as Al-Uqair Port and the center of Al-Hofuf, are being prepared to be included in the second stage.
“Al-Ahsa has enjoyed great attention since the days of the late King Abdul Aziz,” he said.
“To protect Al-Ahsa after the discovery of Ghawar oilfield, King Abdul Aziz took a strategic decision to keep all oil factories at a distance of 150 kilometers from Al-Ahsa.”

This article was first published in Arab News

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