5 Saudi Women in Top Financial Positions

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Time: May 13, 2018


Huda Al-Ghoson

Over the last year, we have seen Saudi Arabian women earn top roles in banks, corporate firms and the government for their intellectual and social abilities and we are sure fire set to see many more woman come into powerful professional positions.

Under its Vision 2030 economic diversification plan, The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia plans to increase the number of Saudi national women in the workforce from 22 to 30%.

Previously only men would have the rights to important positions in finance, but when it comes to money and investments, these Saudi women are a force to be reckoned with.

Rania Mahmoud Nashar, CEO – Samba Financial Group

Rania Mahmoud Nashar is now the chief executive of Samba Financial Group. With 20 years of banking experience under her belt, she had been in several executive roles within the financial group, working her way up. Nashar is also a board member for Samba Bank Limited in Pakistan and Samba Global Markets Limited Company.

Lubna Olayan, CEO – Olayan Financing

Lubna Olayan is the CEO of Olayan Financing Co. and one of the most famous Saudi women in business and finance. She holds and manages all of Saudi conglomerate Olayan Group’s businesses and investments across the Middle East.

Olayan also serves as a board member of several other companies such as Saudi Hollandi Bank, Rolls Royce Group, and Schlumberger.  She studied in America and holds an MBA from Indiana University and a B.Sc. in Agriculture from Cornell University. Olayan was also named one of Forbes’ most powerful Arab women in the world.

Sarah Al-Suhaimi, Chairwoman – Tadawul

Sarah Al-Suhaimi is the first Saudi Arabian woman to be elected chairperson of the Saudi Stock Exchange, Tadawul.

She is the CEO of NCB Capital, and is the first woman to assume this position since Tadawul’s establishment in 2007. A Harvard University alumnus, Al-Suhaimi was chief investment officer at Jadwa Investment and a senior portfolio manager at Samba Financial Group, before joining NCB Capital.

Latifa Al-Sabhan, CFO – Arab National Bank
Latifa Al-Sabhan was appointed as the chief financial officer of Arab National Bank, which is one of the top 10 largest banks in the Middle East, with its largest shareholder being Amman-based Arab Bank.

Huda Al-Ghoson, Executive Director of HR – Saudi Aramco

Huda Al-Ghoson serves as executive director of human resources at state-run Saudi Aramco. Al-Ghoson was the first woman to be named a permanent executive director in the oil giant’s history and oversees a workforce of over 66,000 employees, according to Bloomberg data. She has recently stated that Aramco has increased its recruitment of women by 20 percent over the past few years, with female employees currently accounting for 8 percent of the workforce.

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