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Time: January 02, 2018

The city of Jeddah and its nighttime skyline, without a doubt, is a beautiful sight. And contrary to general misconceptions, there is quite a lot to do here in terms of leisure. So grab your friends, family or just yourself and try out one of these super fun activities.

Because whether you’re new to the city or have lived here all your life, there’s no harm in trying new things. You never know what new hobby you’ll pick up from these ideas.

Without further ado, here’s our take on the top 20 things to do in Jeddah:

1. Try out the thrilling rides at Al-Shallal Theme Park

With an ice-skating rink, the favourable Amazon ride and arcades and more. This theme park is sure to entertain you especially during winter nights with family and friends.

There’s even a ladies’ night on Wednesdays for the chicas to bask in the glorious park’s entertainment.

For more information, contact:  +966 12 606 3993

2. Visit the Aquarium (nope, not the one at home!)

Right next to Al Nawras, and in the Red Sea- Fakieh Aquarium is a must-visit for families with children. From dolphin and sealion shows, a fabulous lunch prepared and of course some of the most fascinating fish you’ll find.

For more information, contact: 966228802081 or visit http://www.fakiehaquarium.com/

3. Shop till you drop at the Red Sea mall

Whether it’s for groceries at Al Danub, grabbing that Moschino bag you’ve been wanting, having dinner with friends or entertaining your children- this mall is a definite one-stop-shop.

4. Try to outwit and escape this room at Novus

Picture this: you’re locked in a dark room with up to 4-7 other friends and it’s a teamwork of the brains to answer questions based on hints, all to escape the room.

Thrilling, exciting and not your typical game. Novus has been a highly-rated escape room on TripAdvisor and rightfully so!

For 2-3 players, it only costs SR180/player. For 4-8 players, each person pays SR 150.

For more information, contact: +966 12 206 6253

5. One must try eating something from Al- Baik, at least once!

The restaurant that has stood the test of loyalty amongst its frequent diners. Al Baik has at least 300 branches in Jeddah alone, so that should sort of speak for itself. It’s not the fanciest but it does the job when you’re in that rush of hunger.

I mean, a full meal will only cost ya a whopping SR 14 max. Amazing.

6. Reminisce or relax while viewing the stunning King Fahad’s fountain!

Built in the ’80s and is Guinness-certified as the tallest fountain in the world. How privileged are we to be able to bask in the glory of this stream of water?

7. Live out your inner Tarzan (or Jane) at the Jungle Land Theme Park

Located in Mersal Village, this jungle-themed park is perfect for anyone looking to get an Amazonian forest-y feel- even though we’re in sunny Jeddah this summer.

Watch a live circus performance, partake in the crazy rides and relive your inner childhood.

For more information, contact: +966 12 288 1111

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