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Time: July 22, 2018

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NCB Capital was established in 2007 as the investment arm and asset manager of National Commercial Bank (which owns more than 90% of the company), offering its clients leading and integrated solutions in investment services. NCB Capital is today the largest asset manager in Saudi Arabia and one of the world’s largest Shari’a compliant asset managers with more than SR140bn under management.NCB Capital Services and Products include:

  • Full range of asset management services
  • Services of advisers in investments
  • Wealth management, funds and portfolios
  • Investment banking services including capital market, mergers and acquisitions, private placements and corporate advisory
  • Securities and market research services

additional information:

Structure of  financial markets 

The address of Al Ahli Capital’s main office is King Saud Road, Regional Building of National Commercial Bank, PO Box 22216 , Riyadh 11495 , Saudi Arabia +966 11 874 7106     

NCB Capital has branch offices in the following cities:

Jeddah: King Abdulaziz Road, National Capital Building, PO Box 886, Jeddah 21421, Saudi Arabia +966 12 690 7777 

NCB Capital is a Saudi joint stock company with a paid up capital of SR 1,000 million, licensed by the Capital Market Authority (CMA) license No. 37-06046 ( 10/6/1428 H corresponding to 25/06/2007 ) to provide management, Arranging, advising, undertaking coverage and dealing as an asset and agent in securities. 

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