Al-Mandag: Beautiful bride dressed with juniper, olives

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Time: June 26, 2018

Mandag Governorate is located in the Al-Baha area on the heights of the Hijaz Mountains overlooking the province of Tihama. It is a major province in the Al-Gadam and received huge projects. The first governmental service was introduced in the province more than 70 years ago. Then other services followed including the security, judicial, educational, and administrative ones. It used to be named Tarifat Al-Mandag and then at the beginning of the 80s the Emirate of Al-Mandag and in 1414 the name was changed to the province of Al-Mandag. The province is located north of the area and of about 40 km of distance, and also linked to a tourist road with Taif. Al-Mandag has a uniquely strategic location on the touristic route.

It is also characterized by having dozens of forests packed with trees of juniper and olive and embraces many charming valleys of nature. The province has seen in recent years a remarkable development in the tourist, commercial and urban areas in the Al-Mandag and its neighboring villages.

The atmosphere is very moderate and the temperature is not more than 30 degrees in the intense summer days, and thus receives a lot of visitors during the season. The climate in winter is very cold and fog clouds cover Al-Mandag many times, which increases its beauty. The province and its villages have many features of tourist attractions. The most prominent is the existence of forests and gardens, which are considered a favorite destination for visitors and vacationers. The valley is famous for its distinctive mountains, which includes forests of juniper and olive trees, and the green covers these forests and mountains, especially Mount Khallab, which has now become a tourist landmark. Mount Khallab became a tourist destination No. 1, overlooking the Al-Mandag on the one hand and Tihama on the other, as well as the forest of Amadan.

Al-Mandag has agriculture because its land is suitable for it, and produces large quantities of fruit such as apricots, peaches, grapes, figs, pears, apples, berries, and pomegranates, as well as various vegetables and other cereals such as wheat, barley and corn.

During each season, people flock from all corners to visit Al-Mandag to enjoy its beautiful atmosphere, which leads to increased commercial activities and opens a lot of opportunities for young people to work in different professions.

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