Al-Sulami welcomes guests to AIPS ASIA Congress

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Time: September 20, 2018 


JEDDAH — The executive head of the Saudi Sports Media Federation Dr. Raja Allah Al-Sulami welcomed the guests of the AIPS ASIA Congress to the Kingdom to attend this international event.

The Saudi government supports and empowers the sports sector in the Kingdom and His Excellency the consultant, Turki Al-Shaikh, has already focused on reviving the Saudi and Asian sports media.

Federation member Dr. Turki Al-Awad said the federation has been trying to have an international impact since its first meeting.

“We want to give the Saudi media the status it deserves. Hosting the congress meetings in Jeddah is a great way to show our presence and proactiveness in the field of sports reporting. We are honored and pleased to host our colleagues and sports reporters from all over Asia and from other continents as well,” said Al-Awad.

He added that the congress meeting will host the executive head of the International Sports Press Association (AIPS), the executive head of the European Sports Press Union, the executive head of the American Sports Press Union and the executive head of the African Sports Press Union will all be attending the congress meetings held in Jeddah.

The executive head of Sports Media Adel Al-Zahrani said Jeddah will be an important historical turning point where important discussion will take place and decisions will be made.

“The meetings will host the elite journalists and sports reporters from all over the world as well regional and international executives in the sports media sphere. The Kingdom is taking strong strides in sports and is becoming an important voice in the arena,” said Al-Zahrani.

He added sports reporting is joining hands to promote ethical reporting and to stand together against unethical and wrongful practices in the field.

Federation member Jabr Al-Shaiqi said establishing the federation is a strong sign of the Kingdom’s dedication and appreciation to sports.

“Saudi sport reporters are nowadays a credible and authentic voice in sports media. Our input is impactful and our sports media is a very positive one,” said Al-Shaiqi.

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