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All LG products comply with new standards in energy efficiency card

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Time: November 26, 2018   

LG Electronics has confirmed that all its products comply with the new standards in energy efficiency card which have been changed from «stars» to «levels». The Saudi, Standards, Metrology and Quality Organization (SASO) had announced all manufacturers and importers to conform starting from October 2018. The authority has announced that the circulation of old cards in the market will be banned from Sept. 1, 2019.

This step comes to move Saudi Arabia towards achieving the vision for the future of Quality 2020, which is aimed at making the Kingdom along with its products and services a global standard in quality and efficiency. The standardization of the energy efficiency cards on electrical devices will reveal the energy norm across the seven levels showing the ability of the devices to conserve energy, and will be applied to a number of electrical devices such as air conditioners, washing machines, blowers, refrigerators and freezers and water heaters.

Eddie John,, Managing Director of LG Saudi Arabia, said: “LG has remained focused on providing a better lifestyle for consumers, by promoting innovation and improving energy efficiency across its products. The new guidance from SASO in the Kingdom is in line with LG’s strategy which is mainly concerned with energy efficiency in all its products because rationalizing and optimizing energy consumption has become a strategic priority that we are committed towards ensuring a better life for everybody. I would like to emphasize that LG products have the same quality and efficiency without any additional change. What has changed is only the name of the quality label, according to the standards adopted by SASO.”

LG is working on an awareness campaign targeting all consumers in the Saudi market about the new changes in the energy efficiency card and how to read the new labels. He pointed out that LG is keen to fully comply with the specifications adopted by the government, and will strive to support the efforts to rationalize energy consumption. He stressed on the fact that all LG home appliances products are characterized by the power capacity 50/60 Hertz that is compatible outside and within the Kingdom.

The energy efficiency card is designed to give consumers a reliable way to compare products according to their energy efficiency. This is reflected in the efficiency standard shown on the card. The more efficient the product, the lesser energy it consumes. It also includes some basic information about the product such as model, brand, power consumption, test specifications and so on.

This article was first published in Saudi Gazette

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