Almosafer to open 50 retail outlets in KSA by Q1 2020

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Time: April 29, 2019  

Almosafer is developing a next-generation booking experience across online and offline touchpoints.

Saudi travel brand Almosafer will embrace a new omni-channel approach that aims to give its customers the choice to book their travel in a personalized manner.

Almosafer, the flagship brand of Seera Group’s Consumer Travel Unit (formerly Al-Tayyar Travel Group), is developing a next-generation booking experience across online and offline touchpoints. Even if booking previously online, customers will be able to visit a retail outlet for a personal consultation and travel advisers will be able to understand their travel requirements and previous trips in seconds. Vice versa, offline customers will be able to amend or add to their bookings online.

Almosafer, which began on social media as a home-grown travel facilitator in 2012, now has physical retail stores in Riyadh and Jeddah. The brand has further plans to open another 50 retail outlets across the Kingdom by Q1 2020 and Almosafer will also adopt the omni-channel approach when it expands to other markets outside Saudi Arabia.

Muzzammil Ahussain, EVP of Almosafer, said: “Almosafer has immense brand recognition and loyalty in Saudi and with this transformation, we are showing our commitment to our customers. This is not about offering face-to-face bookings, call center bookings or digital bookings and channelling our customers to either route — this is about us offering a more adaptable and flexible booking experience across various intertwined user journeys.

“At a time when global travel brands are scaling back on a bricks and mortar presence, it’s incredibly exciting to me that we have this opportunity to take what we’ve created online and move the brand to have a physical presence. We don’t sell an ‘off the shelf’ product so this move is brave, bold and dynamic.”

Ahussain added: “We know that some travel plans can often be complicated and intricate and there is a certain ease which comes with being able to communicate these specific requirements to one of our travel advisers, face-to-face or over the phone with one of our call centers — the omni-channel approach is about convenience, offering more choice and delivering a first-rate service.”

This article was first published in Arab News

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