Aseel Alhamad appointed as a member of The 6th edition of PR Arabia Auto Award Jury

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SOURCE: Eye Of Riyadh

Time: February 4, 2018

The Supervising Committee of the 6th edition of  PR Arabia Auto Award in Saudi Arabia, revealed the names of its jury members for this year. The Jury will have the primary role in the announcement of the final results during the last stage of the Award.

For the first time in the history of the Award, a lady member to join the Jury, where the Supervising Committee announced the selection of Engineer  Aseel Alhamad as a member of the 6th edition of PR Arabia Auto Award’s Jury. Alhamad is the member of the Saudi Arabian Motor Federation (SAMF) and in charge of women Motorsport program . Alhamad, as well, is a member of the International Automobile Federation (FIA), thus making her the first Saudi woman to join both Federations, which indicates a positive precedent for the role of Saudi women both in local and international communities.

Engineer Aseel Alhamad expressed her joy of being selected as jury member of the 6th edition of the PR Arabia Auto Award, and said:” I am really pleased to be a member of the Award’s jury, which presents a big opportunity for the Saudi women to establish themselves in all sectors, including the automotive sector,” and added:” I’m excited to work with the Award’s organizers, and look forward to meeting the other members of the Jury. “

Commenting on the appointment of Engineer Aseel Alhamad as jury member of the 6th edition of PR Arabia Auto Award, Walid Karanouh, the Secretary-general of the Award and the Executive Director of PR Arabia, expressed his pleasure for the appointment of Alhamad,  and ascertained  her   entitlement for this position in view of her vast experience in the automotive world, and added:” We don’t have to announce the names of the Award’s jury members, however,  having Engineer Aseel with us would be an important step towards the transparency and credibility of the award, this appointment comes as a  culmination of her success  and  passion in the  automotive world.”


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