Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation praises Arab Red Crescent’s humanitarian efforts

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Time: October 13, 2018   

JEDDAH: Dr. Valerie Bemo, vice president of emergency response at the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, has commended the efforts of the Arab Red Crescent and Red Cross Organization (ARCO) and the diversity of their programs and activities.
“This diversity clearly shows through the areas of voluntary humanitarian action, the assistance of those in need or affected by crises, the alleviation of human suffering, the promotion of health and social welfare, the preservation of human rights in times of armed conflicts and the rapid emergency response,” she said.
Bemo praised the ARCO’s relentless pursuit to invest and use technology in humanitarian works, which will make response procedures much faster, as well as its efforts in spreading awareness about the mobility of national associations during disasters, capacity building, organizing volunteering programs and promoting international law.
She was speaking during her recent visit with her delegation to ARCO’s headquarters as part of the foundation’s visit to the Arab region.
They also met a number of donors, and humanitarian and civil society organizations in order to find common, innovative and tested solutions. These solutions are aimed at improving health and the standard of living, stimulating human growth and the speed of response.
The foundation discussed the mechanism of joint humanitarian action and was briefed about ARCO’s qualitative humanitarian projects and programs.
Dr. Saleh bin Hamad Al-Seheibani, head of ARCO, praised the delegation’s visit and considered it a chance to discuss cooperation and coordination to improve various areas of humanitarian work.
He also expressed his readiness to look into the details of humanitarian projects and choose those that can be implemented in accordance with the Foundation’s and ARCO’s strategy to support and coordinate humanitarian actions.
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