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Changing mindsets in Human Capital practice

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Time: December 06, 2018   

WHEN talking about Human Capital (HC) in Saudi Arabia, there are numerous levels of functionality that need to be considered.

According to Korn Ferry’s 2018 survey on Middle East Human Capital contribution, 54 percent of those surveyed fell under what the survey called level 3 strategic HR department, in which Human Capital is aligned with business strategy, supporting business needs and providing system integration.

This was followed by level 4 at 28 percent, which is called business integrated HC, which is a part of the business strategy and helps drive decisions through manpower building, data and insights collection. There is an advanced integration between business and HC systems.

Human Capital in Saudi Arabia is evidently working toward progressing from level 3 to level 4. With transformation plans and developing the manpower landscape, the focus today on developing business integrated Human Capital. It works toward building qualified work teams through training, development, engagement and enablement.

Employees who go through those four stages of professional development have a better chance of feeling committed to their organizations, demonstrate better understanding of their role in achieving business strategies and support the direction in which the organization is moving.

Similarly, leaders and decision makers in organizations see the potential of investing in the workforce, from providing training opportunities to enablement. Those leaders communicate the change to the qualified workforce and empower them to play a role in this change. This helps drive the organization forward to achieve its strategic objectives.

The move from level 3 to level 4 in HC contribution within organizations in Saudi Arabia means that we understand the value of investing in “humans” and turning them into “enablers” to drive organizations forward to achieve business objectives and help them define and shape the future of our economy.

Gelban Al Gelban

The author is a specialist in change and transformation management.

This article was first published in the Saudi Gazette

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