‘Cities Destroyed by Terrorism’ expo to open in Riyadh

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RIYADH: The impact of terrorism on heritage sites will be highlighted in an exhibition that opens on Wednesday in Riyadh, the Saudi Press Agency reported.

“Cities Destroyed by Terrorism” is a 30-day show organized by the Ministry of Culture under the patronage of Prince Badr bin Abdullah bin Mohammed bin Farhan Al-Saud.

It is the result of cooperation between the ministry and the Arab World Institute in Paris.

The exhibition will feature ancient and archaeological sites such as Libya’s Leptis Magna, Aleppo and Palmyra in Syria, and Mosul in Iraq.

“Through this exhibition we aim to help society realize the importance of heritage because it documents human history, which introduces us to the worlds of previous civilizations that were destroyed or neglected because of extremist and terrorist ideologies that found the areas of conflict an opportunity to threaten our history in the Middle East,” the prince said in February. The exhibition runs until May 17 at the capital’s National Museum.

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