Community ensures music will grow in Jeddah

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Apr 28, 2018

  • Talents team up to keep music alive in “Bride of the Red Sea”
  • Jeddah Musicians group is composed of talents and performers from various nationalities

JEDDAH: The city of Jeddah is filled with musical talents, and many of them want to see the music scene grow there.
Fortunately, there is a local music community in the city that fosters people with musical ability, and they are the “Jeddah Musicians.”
The Jeddah Musicians consist of talents and performers from all nationalities, walks of life, musical genres and instruments. They have been supporting musicians and encouraging new ones since they were established in 2012. They are specialized in live musical events in general, and sound and light engineering in particular.
The founder, CJ, said that it is rewarding to see talent develop in new musicians and he is pleased to see the continuing progress of the General Entertainment Authority (GEA) in Saudi Arabia’s growing music scene.
The Jeddah Musicians provided musicians for the KAEC International Jazz Festival at King Abdullah Economic City in March 2018, which was supported by the GEA, a musical group called The Bright Side, and the Yanbu Festival of Light in 2017, also supported by the GEA.
“Jeddah Musicians is a great platform that unites all kinds of musicians locally, and helps to network them,” said local musician Nasser Alshemimry.
He applauded the KAEC International Jazz Festival and hopes to see more performances.
“The more musical shows the better. I hope to see these big festivals also in Jeddah,” he told Arab News.
“I have high hopes things will improve, especially seeing what is occurring now in the Kingdom. It is a welcome sign of change.”
Another local musician, Mosaid Khalid, hopes to see the music scene in Jeddah reach its full potential through musical institutes. “I hope to see a musically cultured society that admires all kinds of music, musical institutes for the youth as they are the future. I wish to see external courses to be provided at least,” he told Arab News.
He also hopes to see an increasing variety of more musical instruments provided in the market.

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