Cyber Saber Hackathon boosts skills of Saudi students

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Time: August 07, 2019  

The hackathon, sponsored by Integrated Telecom Co., will be held in September.

Cyber Saber Hackathon will continue to support Saudi talent in achieving new heights in the cybersecurity industry through hands-on application of several cyber-attack and defense tactics, said Samer Omar, CEO of VirtuPort’s 7th MENA Information Security Conference 2019.

He added that the hackathon, sponsored by Integrated Telecom Company (ITC), will be held on Sept. 9-10.

Ghassan Itani, CEO of ITC, said: “Cybersecurity remains one of the critical elements in ensuring a successful digital economy. ITC’s sponsorship of the Cyber Saber Hackathon is one of our initiatives to invest in corporate social responsibility in line with Vision 2030, where our youth will play a critical role in the future of defending and protecting our company and the overall digital asset.”

The hackathon is characterized by its ability to provide a holistic simulation environment that will allow contestants to experience real-world hacking and breach scenarios of vital sectors including financial sectors, airports, oil and gas industry among others. The students will get to interact with it through their computers.

What distinguishes the hackathon’s model smart city is that the students will experience and witness the implications of cyberattacks and the importance of equipping themselves with the right knowledge to face the attackers.

The organizers of the hackathon said the competition has been designed to prepare the contestants for the challenges they will face in protecting the organizations they will work for.

The third edition of the hackathon is considered to be one of the most important competitions in the region. In the last two editions, more than 20 Saudi private and public universities participated.

This article was first published in Arab News

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