Dimah Al-Sheikh, executive manager of Misk Values

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Time: 02 December 2020

Dimah Al-Sheikh

Dimah Al-Sheikh has been executive manager of Misk Values at the Misk Foundation since March 2018. Chairing the recent inaugural summit of the Values 20 (V20) group, Al-Sheikh expressed her gratitude to organizations around the world that helped form the V20. She underscored the important milestones achieved by the group in a short time period amid the coronavirus pandemic.
She added: “The jewel is the people in the V20 community who have made this effort together, and who have all agreed to commit 100 percent to being part of the V20 next year.” Al-Sheikh said she “hopes the same seeds bloom” under the Italian presidency in 2021 and “blossom” under the Indian presidency in 2022.
Al-Sheikh received a bachelor’s degree in business administration from King Saud University in 2007. She also completed an MBA at Al-Faisal University. Moreover, she attended several executive courses on entrepreneurial leadership at the University of Oxford, a strong leadership course at Ashridge Business School and designed participant-centered training at the World Bank. Al-Sheikh also completed a diploma in cultural transformation tools at Barrett Values Centre, the Empretec program of UNCTAD, among other training courses.
Al-Sheikh, who has more than five years’ experience in promoting values and cultural transformation in Saudi Arabia, was a part-time president of the Al-Ghad Center for Values Development at Al-Ghad Youth Association from 2015 to 2018. There, she led a multidisciplinary team of professionals and volunteer experts to engage public and private entities, including ministries, quasi-governmental organizations, civil society organizations and private sector institutions in evaluating and developing values.
Al-Sheikh received the “Best Citizenship Award” from Al-Faisal University in 2014 and “Distinguished Performance Award” from Riyadh Specialist Rehabilitation Center in 2010.
The Misk Foundation executive manager is a member of several advisory boards and a certified trainer in business incubation management at the World Bank. She is also certified to evaluate and implement value-based transformation tools in organizations as a consultant.

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