Dr. Badr Al-Shibani, founder and CEO of Kai Holding

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Dr. Badr Al-Shibani

Dr. Badr Al-Shibani is the founder and CEO of Jeddah-based Kai Holding, which was founded in January 2005. He is responsible for business development and strategic direction at the group and its subsidiaries.

He is also the chairman of Hadath group, which was established in March 2007. It provides diverse and innovative management and marketing solutions to its target market in the Gulf region.

Al-Shibani is known for his ability to penetrate new markets, generating sales and providing solutions for the group’s businesses. In 2013, he was selected as one of the most inspiring Saudi leaders in the business world by Forbes Middle East. He was chosen to relay the historic Olympic torch in London Olympics in 2012.

He has a bachelor’s degree in pharmaceutical science from King Saud University in Riyadh. Al-Shibani did an MBA in 2011 at the Thunderbird School of Global Management in the US.

He is an author, executive coach and motivational speaker.

Al-Shibani, who was interviewed by Arab News earlier this year, describes himself as a life-seeker. His passion for adventure started 15 years ago, when he made a bucket list that included reaching the summits of the world’s highest seven mountains, jumping out of a plane, diving into the deepest cave, and visiting an active volcano.

He traveled to Nicaragua to see its famous Masaya lake of molten lava, which was formed during an eruption 2,500 years ago. The “lake” is in a volcanic vent and, with expert help, Al-Shibani was able to hang above it. He recently reached the top of Aconcagua mountain in Argentina.

His Twitter handle is: @jebadr.

This article was first published in Arab News

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