Dr. Emtinan Al-Qurashi, assistant director at Philadelphia’s Temple University

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Dr. Emtinan Al-Qurashi is the assistant director of educational technology at Temple University’s Center for the Advancement of Teaching in Philadelphia, US.

Al-Qurashi obtained a bachelor’s degree in translation and interpreting at the University of Salford, UK. She received a master’s degree in digital technologies, communication and education from the University of Manchester.

Al-Qurashi joined the King Abdul Aziz University as an English language instructor in 2011, where she remained for two years.

In 2014, she enrolled in Duquesne University (DU), US to pursue a Ph.D. in instructional technology and leadership. At DU, she started as a graduate research assistant before moving on to become an instructional consultant until her graduation in 2017.

Al-Qurashi then joined Temple University as a senior instructional technology specialist. She was promoted to assistant director of educational technology where she oversees the university’s branches in the US, Italy and Japan.

She has been recognized for her work by the Professional and Organizational Development Network and chosen as their Innovation Award Finalist for 2019.

In the same year, she received the “Division of Distance Learning Award” from the Association for Educational Communications and Technology in recognition of her quantitative research.

Al-Qurashi has written several research papers and books on education, educational technology and distance learning.

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