Dubai’s Studio City has the lights on the action

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Time: April 16, 2018

Aims to make full use of Saudi Arabia opening up its entertainment industry, Al Suwaidi says

Dubai: Dubai Studio City (DSC) expects demand for its production services to jump following the opening up of Saudi Arabia’s entertainment industry.

 Majed Al Suwaidi, managing director of Dubai Media City, Dubai Studio City and Dubai Production City, told Gulf News that Dubai has the infrastructure and state-of-the-art technologies needed to meet the growing demand for digital content in the region.

”Since 2005, we focused more on creating the environment,” he said. “Dubai Studio city was created with the Dubai concept — that is develop and create the industry. So, we developed the infrastructure to create the industry and attain growth. The growth will [be measured] in the number of productions that have been happening.”

He sees DSC benefiting from Saudi Arabia’s opening up its entertainment industry and said more production houses are expected to use the facilities, especially compared to 10 years ago.

We said there are production houses around the world, but Dubai will be able to establish a local industry, much in the same way that Dubai was able to distinguish itself in the tourism industry.

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