Easy tips to manage weight gain during self-isolation

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DUBAI: With the COVID-19 measures making our lives more sedentary, plus the tricky task of having to adapt our food shopping habits, it’s inevitable that we might gain a bit of weight and start to feel less healthy. Worry not for Devinder Bains, personal trainer and nutrition coach at Fit Squad DXB, has six simple tips to get you back on track.

Make a shopping list

This can stop you filling your trolley with junk food, which you then feel obliged to eat. Plan healthy meals in advance, make a list around those meals and stick rigidly to it. Top up the list with frozen and tinned fruit and vegetables (sugar and salt-free options where possible), as well as lentils and brown rice, for longer-lasting options.

Don’t replace sugary treats

It’s easier to not binge if you don’t have treats in the house, so make the decision to not replace them once they run out. This will force you to take longer to finish the ones you already have in the house — automatically reducing your daily calories. If zero treats sounds too hard, buy just one or two, as well as sweet fruits like blueberries and strawberries.

Eat slower

Try and take 10-minutes longer to eat your meals than you normally would — by chewing each mouthful a little more. It gives appetite hormones time to sense that you are full and can stop you going back for seconds.

Keep a food journal

This can help you spot bad eating patterns and also see where you might be taking in extra calories. Are you having three biscuits with your afternoon tea instead of the usual one?

Use a smaller plate

You may not have even realized that you’re piling your plate a little higher than usual — it could be out of boredom or it could an attempt to finish off food that’s going off. Control your portions with a smaller plate.

Be a ‘little bit’ better

If all of the above sounds too hard, then look at small changes. Desperate for a chocolate bar after dinner every night? Maybe just eat half. Over a week you could be saving around 700 calories with something that simple.

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