Ever wondered how they clean the floor around the Kaaba during Hajj? Quickly

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August 19, 2018

Hundreds of thousands of pilgrims will circumambulate the Kaaba during Hajj, so how do they clean it? (AFP)

Machineries and equipment used to clean the Harram. (@ReasahAlharmain)

  • Hundreds of thousands of people walk around the Kaaba during Hajj
  • The process of cleaning the floor is a well rehearsed task that takes minutes

DUBAI- With millions of people currently attending Makkah as they perform the Hajj pilgrimage, which includes circumambulating the Kaaba, it is no wonder that things need to be cleaned.

This sped-up video footage, that has been shared on social media, shows how teams of cleaners enter the Mataf (the circumambulation area around the Kaaba), while a line of security stop the pilgrims entering the area which is being cleaned with a long line of rope.  The process is well rehearsed, so the teams of cleaners take little time to ensure the area is ready in a short time, so that pilgrims can continue.Here’s the video:

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