Exploring Saudi Arabia: How Asir’s Bisha became the ‘town of palm dates’

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Time: July 11, 2018

The famous town of Bisha, located in the Asir region, in southwestern Saudi Arabia stands at an altitude of about 2,000 feet above sea level and is inhabited by about 240 villages.

The town of Bisha is famous for its palm cultivation as it has about 800,000 palm trees.

It is also known for the King Fahd Dam, one of the largest dams in Saudi Arabia, with a height of 103 meters and a length of 507 meters.

The town has many historical and archaeological villages, including the village of Beni Omer in Tabala, which is about 70 km west from Bisha and dates 400 years.

It is also famous for the white Sayira Mountain, known for its white Quartz, and is located east of the town on the Bisha – al-Ryn – Riyadh highway.

Photographer Sayaf Dachen took some exclusive photographs for Al Arabiya English documenting the beauty of this town and its abundant sources of natural life.

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