FaceOf: Dr. Majid Ibrahim Al-Fayyadh, CEO of King Faisal Specialist Hospital & Research Center in Riyadh

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September 03, 2018

Dr. Majid Ibrahim Al-Fayyadh

JEDDAH- Dr. Majid Ibrahim Al-Fayyadh is the chief executive officer of King Faisal Specialist Hospital & Research Center (KFSH&RC) in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, a leading tertiary health care facility in the region. He was appointed in October 2017.

His responsibilities include all facets of the general organization, ranging from clinical to nursing, research, academia to administration.

Dr. Al-Fayyadh is an academic researcher; he has published articles and abstracts in multiple peer-reviewed medical journals, both national and international, throughout his professional career.

He has also undertaken editorial and reviewing roles for international journals, and participated in national, regional and international conferences.

Before his latest appointment, he was deputy executive director of medical and clinical affairs at KFSH&RC.

He was focused on patient experience, staff development and the work environment, productivity and improving operational efficiency.

Dr. Al-Fayyadh was also the deputy director of the heart center and project executive for the cardiology information system at KFSH&RC and an adviser to the director of the Vision Realization Office at the Ministry of Health.

He received a bachelor’s degree in medicine and surgery from King Saud University in Riyadh. He completed his residency in pediatrics at Tufts University followed by a fellowship in pediatric cardiology at Columbia University, New York.

He received his specialty certification from the American Board of Pediatrics in 1996.

He completed a subspecialty fellowship in pediatric cardiac electrophysiology at Baylor College of Medicine, Houston.

His clinical and academic contributions received several awards and grants such as the Dubai Harvard Foundation for Medical Research Grant for an international multi-center project for the Discovery of Genetic Causes for Human Congenital Malformations.

Wareef Charitable foundation of King Faisal Specialist Hospital has launched on Monday Wareef Endowment Fund, which the first of its kind in the Kingdom.

Dr. Al-Fayadh said in the press conference on Monday that Wareef Endowment Fund is the first investment fund for the public; its units will be suspended for the benefit of the Charity Foundation in partnership with Al-Enma Investment Company. The fund is licensed by the Capital Market Authority and the General Authority of Islamic Affairs and Endowments.

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