FaceOf: Dr. Zubin bin Ayda Al-Thubaiti, executive director of the King Abdul Aziz Quality Award

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Time: July 26, 2018

Dr. Zubin bin Ayda Al-Thubaiti

Dr. Zubin bin Ayda Al-Thubaiti has served as the executive director of the King Abdul Aziz Quality Award (KAQA) since 2014.
He has 20 years of experience in the field of training, management consulting, quality management systems and strategic planning.
Al-Thubaiti is also an accredited excellence assessor for several awards, including the Dubai Government Excellence Program.
He has worked in the field of organizational excellence since 2008 and participated in the establishment and management of Taif program for quality and excellence.
He participated in the consultant team for the National Strategy for Quality 2020 and headed the team to assess the readiness of quality and institutional excellence of the government sector.
He provided several training programs and carried out several quality consulting projects. He also has been a speaker at a number of conferences inside and outside the Kingdom.
Al-Thubaity said on Wednesday that the government sector implementation of the model of national excellence that comes in line with the award specifications will contribute to achieving outstanding and sustainable results for government institutions.
It will provide a distinctive work environment based on motivation and innovation, improving productivity, raising spending efficiency and enhancing the role of human capital, through training and continuous learning programs, as well as encouraging government sectors to implement these practices and mechanisms that contribute to raising the rates of satisfaction of the beneficiaries of government services.
He hoped that the award would become one of the national tools leading to excellence in the government sector, in line with the Kingdom’s strategic objectives in Vision 2030.

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