FaceOf: Saad bin Othman Al-Qasabi, governor of the Saudi Standards, Metrology and Quality Organization

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Time: August 26, 2018 

Saad bin Othman Al-Qasabi has been governor of the Saudi Standards, Metrology and Quality Organization since July 2012.

He is a member of the board of directors of Saudi Basic Industries Corporation and a member of the National Industry Strategy steering committee.

Al-Qasabi said on Friday that Saudi Arabia has reaffirmed its ability to ensure the comfort and safety of the guests of the Hajj.

He praised the cooperation shown by state organizations, security services and volunteer teams who served the pilgrims.

“What has been offered to pilgrims this season, in particular, is a source of national self-respect and pride to this blessed country. It also affirms the leading role of the Kingdom in the Islamic world and its regional and international impact,” he said.

Previously Al-Qasabi has been chairman of the National Committee of the Saudi Building Code, director-general of Adaptive TechSoft Co., director-general of the Information Technology Department, and director-general of administration and financial affairs at the Saudi Food and Drug Authority.

He also served as the chairman of computer and information sciences department at Prince Sultan University and was a faculty member at the College of Computer and Information Sciences at King Saud University.

Al-Qasabi received a bachelor’s degree in computer engineering in 1987 from King Saud University and a master’s degree in computer engineering in 1990 from Syracuse University in New York.

He also obtained his doctorate degree in 1995 from the same university with a design and analysis of a dynamically reconfigurable switch for high-speed networks.

This article was first published in Arab News

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