FaceOf: Sheikh Saad bin Mohammed Al-Saif, the Saudi deputy minister of justice

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Time: October 24, 2018   

Sheikh Saad bin Mohammed Al-Saif

Sheikh Saad bin Mohammed Al-Saif is the Saudi deputy minister of justice. He was appointed to this position in February 2018 following a royal order. He succeeded Ahmad Al-Humaidan.
Previously, he served as a judge at the General Court of Riyadh, and at the Court of Appeal in Al-Jawf.
Moreover, he also served as the president of the Court of Civil Affairs in Riyadh. During his tenure there, he resolved pending cases in the court concerning minors, and related to family issues.
An orderly system was set up to adjudicate important cases within two days in general or a maximum of 10 working days, in contrast to several months in the past.
Al-Saif holds a bachelor’s degree in Islamic law from Imam Muhammad ibn Saud Islamic University in Riyadh, and a master’s degree from Riyadh’s Higher Judicial Institute.
The Saudi Ministry of Justice signed a memorandum of cooperation with China on Sunday to share and exchange information and experiences in the field of the judiciary.
The deputy justice minister signed the memorandum with his Chinese counterpart Chung Chungwa at a ceremony held in Riyadh.
The memorandum stated the two sides agreed to establish the basis for cooperation in the area of legislation, legal dissemination and dissemination of legal knowledge, management of notaries, institutional operational management and technical support, and capacity-building for judicial administration officials.
Al-Saif said the measure will help strengthen cooperation between the two countries in various fields.
Since the establishment of ties, the relations between the two countries have witnessed sustained development.
Saudi Arabia considers itself an essential partner in China’s Belt and Road Initiative (BRI), which will have a great economic and social impact on the world.
There are hundreds of Saudi students in Chinese universities, and the Kingdom has opened a branch of the King Abdul Aziz Public Library in Beijing to encourage exchanges between scholars, researchers and students in both countries.

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