FaceOf: Tamader Al-Rammah, Saudi Arabia’s deputy minister of labor and social development

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Time: May 16, 2018

Tamader bin Yousef Al-Rammah has been Saudi Arabia’s deputy minister of labor and social development since February 2018. She is also supervisor of the Social Welfare and Family Agency, and the second Saudi woman to be appointed as deputy minister.

Al-Rammah also served as Saudi Arabia’s Human Rights Commission representative in 2016.

Al-Rammah attained a Ph.D. in radiology and medical engineering from Manchester University in 2007, a master’s degree in diagnostic radiography from Wales Bangor University in 2003, and a bachelor’s degree in radiology from King Saud University in 1995.

She is an assistant professor at King Saud University in radiology and is an associate scientist in the medical physics department at King Faisal Specialist Hospital and Research Center. Before that, she used to be a consultant for Saudi scholarship students in Britain.

Al-Rammah stressed the importance of the ministry turning to digital systems, in compliance with the Saudi 2030 vision. This step aims to raise the efficiency of the services provided to the citizens.

During her speech at the inauguration of the Digital Transformation Strategy workshop in Riyadh on Monday, She highlighted the ministry’s commitment to implementing its initiatives and reviewing the services it provides to all beneficiaries.

Al-Rammah added that the optimal adaptation of electronic technologies will enhance the positive effect of the ministry’s services.

She also said that the ministry’s Digital Transformation Strategy aims to improve the quality of services provided by the ministry, reducing the application fees and adding flexibility to the current systems. This will effectively contribute to improving the services provided to beneficiaries.

This article was first published in Arab News

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