First all-female Claims Center opens in Saudi Arabia

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Time: May 06, 2018

SALAMA Insurance announced the official opening of their first female claims center after the kingdom grants women the right to drive. The newest claims center aims to support female drivers and owners with the process of getting their claims.

The new facility was inaugurated at Salama headquarters here in Jeddah in attendance of Engineer Omar Al-Ajlani, CEO of Salama, chief’s & senior Managers, claims department (all females) and representatives of local and regional media.

Speaking on the first of its kind claims center in Saudi Arabia, Omar Al-Ajlani, CEO of Salama said: “We are proud to announce the opening of this new claims facility, which demonstrates our continuing efforts to expand our customer communication services — strengthening our ties through better communication between our clients and our company.”

He noted that having a female center would allow women freedom and comfort to deal with employees who understand that females are new to this process. Banks and telecom companies have had female branches for many years but this is the first time an insurance company opens a female branch to the public.”

Sultan Al-Ghamdi, Claims Center manager said that this initiative will allow women to manage their car claims in a safe and facilitating environment.

Al- Ghamdi pointed out that Salama insurance female branch will provide females who are interested with awareness on the importance of car insurance and the types of insurance available.

The unique center, located on Madina Road, is served and supervised by 10 all-women staff and caters to only women customers in a first-of-its-kind exercise by any insurance company in Saudi Arabia.

Meanwhile, Mirfat Halawani, claims center female section manager also said: “It is a matter of immense pride for us to launch our first all women claim center in Saudi Arabia. This is a full-service center offering a range of products and services.” — SG

This article was first published in Saudi Gazette

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