FNRCO enters into joint venture agreement with Hays

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Time: November 06, 2018      

The First National Company for Human Resources (FNRCO) and Hays Talent Solutions have announced a joint venture to support and drive rapid growth in the manpower solutions supply industry.

FNRCO said it aims to continue to diversify into new sectors by aligning its services to the unique needs of each client and deliver the top talent that clients need to successfully achieve their goal.

Hays Talent Solutions is the workforce management division of Hays PLC, providing managed service programs (MSP), recruitment process outsourcing (RPO) and services procurement solutions that deliver better, faster and more cost-effective access to talent.

“The joint venture agreement gives FNRCO the exclusive rights to represent Hays in Saudi Arabia, because of our pioneering position within the Saudi market and our effective role in supporting various sectors. And at the same time, Hays will be our representative company through its branches all over the world,” FNRCO said in a press release.

The certified strategic partner status ensures Hays and FNRCO are closely aligned with their strategic vision, and that such vision is delivered to their customers, the press release said.

This article was first published in Arab News

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