Football in Saudi Arabia

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Mar 1, 2018

Football in Saudi Arabia
Country Saudi Arabia
Governing body Saudi Arabia Football Federation
National team men’s national team
National competitions
Saudi Professional League
Club competitions
King Cup
International competitions
AFC Champions League
FIFA World Cup
Asian Cup

Football is the most popular sport in Saudi Arabia.[1] Football in Saudi Arabia is governed by Saudi Arabia Football Federation (Arabic: الاتحاد السعودي لكرة القدم‎). It was founded in the year of 1956.[2] It performs the function of administering both the club competitions and the national football team of Saudi Arabia.

The founder of Saudi Arabia Football Federation is Prince Abdullah bin Faisal al Saud.



King Fahd International Stadium.

National Football team

The Saudi Arabia national football team (Arabic: منتخب السعودية لكرة القدم‎), known to its fans as Al-Saqour which means The Falcons. Saudi Arabia is one of the most successful football teams in Asia. Saudi Arabia has won the Asian Championship 3 times and has qualified for the FIFA World Cup four times, the first of which was in 1994.

Saudi Arabia has a major rivalry with Iran.


The Saudi Professional League is the highest level of competition in the country. In the 1970s, football was organized on a regional basis across Saudi Arabia.[3] Since 2013, the Saudi Pro League has been sponsored by the Abdul Latif Jameel company.

In 1976–77, with the improvement of transportation links as well as local football, the Saudi Professional League was launched on a national basis. 8 clubs participated in the first season of the tournament.

In 1981, a decision was taken by the Saudi Arabia Football Federation to increase the number of clubs, thereby increasing the league to 18 clubs, 8 of which take part in the 1st League, with another 10 competing in the 2nd League. In the 1985–85 season the number of clubs in the 1st League was increased to 12 clubs.

In 1990, a new league championship was also introduced, known as The Custodian of The Two Holy Mosques League Cup. It was a 2-stage competition – round robin and knockout-phase. The top 4 teams (knowns as the Golden Square) from the round robin moved to the knock-out phase to compete for the final championship.

In 2007–08 season, The Custodian of The Two Holy Mosques Champions Cup was introduced for the more elite teams to compete for. 8 teams play in that competition which includes top 6 teams of the 1st League plus the winner of the Crown Prince Cup and the winner of the Prince Faisal Cup.

National Team[4]

National Ranking

As of 30 August 2017, Saudi Arabia was placed 59 on the FIFA World Ranking.


League of Saudi Arabia

There are 3 Divisions in the League of Saudi Arabia:

  • Saudi Professional League – 16 Clubs (Expanded from 14 starting from 2018–19 season)
  • [[Prince Mohammad bin Salman League) – 20 Clubs (Expanded from 16 starting from 2018–19 season)
  • Second Division – 24 Clubs (Expanded from 20 starting from 2018–19 season)

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