GE signs agreement to supply turbines to Saudi Cement

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Time: May 16, 2018

GE signed an agreement to supply three of its turbines to Saudi Cement to upgrade efficiency at its Hofuf plant in the eastern province.

“The upgrades of the gas turbines at Hofuf Plant will not only help achieve efficiency and output improvements but also extend maintenance intervals and lower emissions, to the benefit of Saudi Cement and the wider community,” said Joseph Anis, president and chief executive of GE’s Power Services business in Africa, India and the Middle East.

The upgrade will enable the Saudi manufacturer, which is listed on the local exchange to reduce the need to draw from the national grid. The efficiency drive falls within the ambit of Saudi Arabia’s larger moves to enable greater efficiency within its industry as part of its Vision 2025.

The Hofuf plant in the kingdom’s eastern province has three kiln lines that manufacture cement from raw material extracted from a nearby quarry, and has an annual production of almost 9.7 million tonnes per annum.

“Power supply is both a key input, as well as one of the major costs in our manufacturing process. Reliable, efficient electricity supply is thus essential for the continuous operations of our facility, as well as our market competitiveness,” said Mohammed AlGarni, chief executive at Saudi Cement.

This article was first published in The National

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