Hajj through history

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In this Dec. 26, 2007 photo, hundreds of thousands of pilgrims pack the courtyard of the majestic Grand Mosque in Makkah. (AFP file photo)

Center of Islam

The Kaaba’s then gold-and-silver door went through several changes over the years. It took three years to build this particular door, which had a metal base, with two wooden shutters fixed on its surface. It was decorated with silver and copper and plated with gold.

A glimpse from the past

An old photo of Hajj in 1975. (Social media photo)

Seeking God’s blessing

During circumambulation, pilgrims kiss the black stone or touch the Kaaba or the black silk and cotton fabric, called the Kiswa, which covers it. (Shutterstock)

Golden memories

An old photo showing the process of making the Kaaba’s cover Kiswa in the 1970s. (Social media photo)

Holy guests 

A file photo from Hajj 1978.

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