Heritage meets art: Saudi Tantora festival to take place at al-Ula UNESCO site

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Time: December 10, 2018  

Winter is approaching and Saudi Arabia is preparing for its first winter festival.

The ‘Winter at Tantora’ festival is a fusion of art and culture: it will take place in the kingdom’s historical region of al-Ula.

Beginning on Dec. 21, there will be a series of eight weekend concerts from some of the world’s greatest musicians.

The music extravaganza marks a new era for Saudi Arabia which prepares to host an event which has already been compared to legendary festivals such as Lebanon’s Balbaek festival and Jordan’s Jarash.

Internationally acclaimed artists such as Omar Khairat, Mohammad Abdo, and Andrea Bocelli will take the stage at the Tantora festival.

Voiced report by Al Arabiya’s Shadaan Hammam.

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