Human Rights Watch declares Houthi Abha airport attack a ‘war crime’ as another missile targets city

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Time: June 17, 2019  

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A picture taken during a guided tour with the Saudi military on June 13, 2019 shows the damage on the roof of Abha airport in the popular mountain resort of the same name in the southwest of Saudi Arabia, one day after a Yemeni rebel missile attack on the civil airport wounded 26 civilians. (AFP)
  • Human Rights Watch urged the Houthis to stop attacks on civilian infrastructure in Saudi Arabia
  • The Houthi attack on the southwestern Saudi town of Abha’s regional airport wounded 26 people Wednesday

CAIRO: A leading rights group has called an attack by the Iranian-backed Houthis on Abha airport in Saudi Arabia an “apparent war crime” as the city was targeted again Saturday by the militia’s missiles.

An Al Arabiya reported said Saudi forces intercepted a ballistic missile above the southwestern Saudi city. On Friday, Saudi forces intercepted five drones from Yemen, the Arab military coalition fighting to support the government said.

The drones targeted Abha airport, where a Houthi missile on Wednesday injured 26 civilians, and the nearby city of Khamis Mushait.

Human Rights Watch on Saturday urged the Houthis to stop attacks on civilian infrastructure in Saudi Arabia. “Commanders who order deliberate or indiscriminate attacks on civilian objects are responsible for war crimes,” the group said.

The coalition targeted Houthi military sites in Sanaa on Saturday, including the militia’s air defense systems, Al Arabiya reported.

The spokesperson of the coalition, Col. Turki Al-Maliki said the operation aimed to destroy the Houthi militia’s threat to regional and international security.

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: See the moment that a missile struck Abha airport in Saudi Arabia (Video: Al Arabiya) 

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