I will protect you if you report any corruption – King Salman

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May 6, 2018

Yes, King Salman will provide you complete protection if you report any financial or administrative corruption. This was said by King Salman in a royal decree ordering the authorities to provide full protection to whistleblowers in a corruption case.

In November 2017, a supreme anti-corruption committee Chaired by Crown Princewhich aimed to undertake a persistent problem that has delayed development efforts in the Kingdom.

Saudi authorities also claimed that tens of billions of US dollars were misappropriated through corruption and embezzlement spanning several decades.  During that anti-corruption scheme, many royal members and high-profile businessmen were held accountable and held at Riyadh Ritz Carlton Hotel.

Most of them were later released after investigation or reaching a financial statement, as it was reported by media and we are not much aware of the truth behind their release. The Crown Prince stated in an interview that 95% of them are ready to settle which would generate $100 billion for the country.

فيصل بن فرحان


Protecting whistleblowers is an important part of the drive to fight corruption in the Kingdom, this order by @KingSalman is an interim measure while more detailed legislation is finalized. https://www.reuters.com/article/us-saudi-corruption/saudi-king-orders-whistleblower-protections-in-anti-corruption-push-idUSKBN1I70IN 

Saudi king orders whistleblower protections in anti-corruption push

Saudi Arabia’s King Salman has ordered protection for employees who report financial and administrative corruption, Al Arabiya TV reported on Sunday, as part of an effort to combat graft that saw…


Just a few months after that, King Salman too raised his hands against corruption to catch all those who are involved in the corruption drive. Providing complete protection to the whistleblower is also an important and significant part of the drive to fight corruption in the Kingdom.

It means King Salman and Prince Mohammad bin Salman, are keen on fighting corruption from the Kingdom. They want to eradicate the root of Corruption from the Kingdom.

Dr. Khalid Al- Muhaisen, the head of anti-corruption Commission (NAZAHA) praised this royal decree issued by King Salman as it instructs to provide full protection to all the employees who report any corrupt financial or business administrative practices to the relevant authorities.

Al Muhaisen said that the employees are not to be threatened regarding their job security, benefits or their rights. The decree stipulated that the Anti-Corruption Commission shall report entities that take punitive action against employees or threaten their rights or job benefits if they report any corrupt practice to the anti-corruption commission.

King Salman and Mohammad bin Salman are keen to ensure protection to all the citizens and residents who fulfill their duties and report corruption and ensured that they are not subjected to any harm for reporting

This new decree is fully in line with the Vision 2030 which puts transparency, integrity and fighting corruption among its main pillar. On the other side, the World Bank’s latest corruption- control- indicator showed significant progress in Saudi Arabia recent anti-corruption campaign.

Kingdom has improved its score by 18 points in the 2016 indicator which was a leap since entering the World Bank Indicator report in 1996.

Saudi Arabia is ranked on the 62nd number out of 176 countries on the Corruption Perception Index CPI of 2016 that was issued by Transparency International.


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