Ibrahim Al-Rashid, CEO of Saudi Arabia’s Social Development Bank

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Ibrahim Al-Rashid is the chief executive officer and a board member of the Social Development Bank (SDB).

As one of the main government pillars for economic and social development funding to Saudis, the SDB recently launched a SR2 billion ($530 million) health care portfolio to support established and new small- and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in the Kingdom’s health care sector.

Between 1999 to 2002, Al-Rashid studied at Florida Institute of Technology from where he gained a master’s degree in computer sciences.

In 2006, he worked for Al-Rashed Consultants and Accountants as a consultant before joining the e-Government Program in mid-2007 as director of the e-Gov center.

After a year, he moved to Al-Rajhi Bank where he headed its business relationship management department and in July 2010, he was tasked with running the bank’s IT solutions and development department. He managed the business relationship, vendor management, solutions design and delivery for more than two years.

In September 2012, he was appointed as the chief information officer for the bank and remained in the position for 37 months.

Al-Rashid moved in 2015 to Takamol Holding, a government company targeting and serving individuals and prominent labor segments of the public and private sectors, where he was vice president for two years.

A year later he became the CEO of Rawafid, part of Takamol, and in 2017 moved to the SDB as vice president for micro and SME financing.

He only held the post for four months before being promoted to director general of the SDB.

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