IN PICTURES: Beautiful snapshots of Riyadh’s skyline by day and night

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September 05, 2018

Saudi talent, photographer Marwan al-Jumaz, uses the drone to take photos of Riyadh. (Supplied)

Emerging Saudi talent, photographer Marwan al-Jumaz, strived to document the kingdom’s capital Riaydh skyline with his professional lense, taking views of the development and urbanism encircling the city.

In an interview with Al Arabiya English, the young photographer said that his love for photography started at a young age and with time and education it became a profession for him.

He said: “I uses the drone to take photos of the city and nearby areas, in the middle of Najd.”

As for his photos of Riyadh skyline, Jumaz said “Riyadh is a real city, with the undergoing development to turn it green. I wanted to pass a message to the world about how this city is global and to confirm that with Vision 2030, we will see more urban and cultural transformations.”

The Saudi photographer said: “I am working on conveying my country’ developed landmarks, which is my message to the whole world. The camera is the pen that does not lie.”

This article was first published in  Alarabiya

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