IN PICTURES: Daraka, a Saudi island inhabited by birds

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Time: October 01, 2018     

Many visitors have attested that it has some of the most beautiful beaches in the world. (Supplied)

The beautiful Saudi island of Daraka that many migrating birds hover over, is inhabited by seagulls and swans on its pristine beaches, with no people living there. At the start of winter, the island is quiet and visitors can enjoy its purity and nature, and also enjoy the sound of the birds.

Daraka Island is located in Jazan in southern Saudi Arabia. Many visitors have attested that it has some of the most beautiful beaches in the world. The island has thus become a popular destination for photographers to document the charming scenes between the shores, and even dive in its sea.

Hassan al-Ghazwai, a photographer who visited Daraka Island to take photos and capture its beauty told Al Arabiya English: “Many fishing enthusiasts I know spoke about the beauty of this island, which they use as a place to rest during fishing trips. This made me want to go there and take photos.”

“It has a pure untouched nature and beautiful rock formations overlooking the beach. It is a suitable location for those who like trips, tranquility, relaxation and enjoying the sea’s breeze. In addition to the beauty of the birds and their sounds that do not stop all day long, as Daraka Island is considered as a main stop for birds, like seagulls and swans.” Ghazawi said.

“Daraka Island is about 15km away from Farasan Island, and about 9 km away from Ahbar Island. Its beaches are among the purest beaches, with coral reefs, snails and fossilized sea creatures.” Ghazawi added.

There are 286 islands in Jazan region awaiting the national transformation initiative, including Daraka Island, to increase the state’s income and invest in tourism. The Farasan Islands are considered one of the largest islands in the southern Red Sea, and one of the most important tourist and investment locations, as it possesses promising investment opportunities in the tourism and economic fields, and several services.

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