Inside the Saudi Aramco Driving School for Thousands of Women

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Time: June 22, 2018

As Saudi Arabia joins every other country in the world in allowing women to drive on June 24, oil giant Saudi Aramco has set up a facility to train thousands of employees and their female dependents the ins and outs. The center, in the eastern Saudi city of Dhahran, has the capacity to teach 4,000 people a year using technology like driving simulators and machines that demonstrate the importance of wearing seatbelts by simulating low-impact collisions. Tra

inees with no experience will get 34 hours of lessons, including 10 hours of theory and 24 of practical training. When women are ready to get behind the wheel of an actual car, rows of sedans parked outside the center wait for them, equipped with automatic vehicle location sensors.

Photographs by Mohammed Al-Nemer/Bloomberg


A Saudi woman practices driving using a simulator at the Saudi Arabian Oil Co. training center in Dhahran, Saudi Arabia.



A trainee learns to change a punctured tire at the driving school.



An instructor guides her trainee.



An instructor shows how to buckle a seatbelt. Trainers demonstrate how seatbelts can protect lives during an accident or a sudden stop.



The fleet of training cars are equipped with dual-control pedals and an automatic vehicle-location system.



An infant safety seat sits in a training room. Mothers are taught that child seats are essential to protect their children.



An instructor hands a trainee the keys.



An instructor teaches the rules of the road.



An instructor gives feedback to a trainee using a driving simulator. Trainees are taken through different road conditions and driving scenarios.

This article was first published in Bloomberg

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