International community must carry out joint efforts to eradicate poverty, says Saudi diplomat

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Time: October 19, 2019  

Nadin bin Hamza Al-Awfi. (SPA)
  • Al-Awfi: Saudi Arabia has provided over $100 billion over the past three decades, where it ranked second in the list of the world’s remittance-sending countries

NEW YORK: Nadin bin Hamza Al-Awfi, second secretary and member of Saudi Arabia’s permanent mission to the UN, delivered a speech to highlight her government’s efforts in eradicating poverty and supporting development around the world.
Al-Awfi conveyed the Saudi delegation’s approval of the statement delivered by Palestine, on behalf of the Group of 77 and China.
She noted that achieving development and eradicating poverty are moral and human imperatives, and given the many challenges facing developing countries, Saudi Arabia attaches great importance to development issues.
Al-Awfi added that her country is a leader in prompt responses to all nations around the world, which made it among the world’s major donors. The Kingdom has assisted poor countries through supporting the establishment of the Islamic Development Bank’s fund to address poverty problems, and donated over $1 billion.
She noted that Saudi Arabia’s efforts are not only limited to assisting poor countries, but international institutions and organizations specialized in anti-poverty programs, such as several UN offices and the World Food Programme.
Al-Awfi said that the Kingdom has provided over $100 billion over the past three decades, where it ranked second in the list of the world’s remittance-sending countries.
She said: “The international community must carry out its responsibilities by joining efforts and dealing with the development of women and eradication of poverty as top priorities.”
Al-Awfi added: “The world celebrated the International Day for the Eradication of Poverty. The Kingdom reiterates that development is not possible without achieving international community cooperation, world peace, equality, international legitimacy, committing to international law and resolving conflicts peacefully and diplomatically.”

This article was first published in Arab News

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