International organizations hail KSRelief humanitarian efforts

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Time: 21 May, 2020

Saudi Arabia has been ranked a global fifth, and first in the Arab world, for its provision of humanitarian aid. (SPA)
  • KSR has contributed to several humanitarian projects worth $4.4 billion since 2015

RIYADH: Appreciating the efforts of the King Salman Humanitarian Aid and Relief Center (KSRelief), international organizations described their partnership as “strategic.”

Since its inception in May 2015, the center has contributed to several humanitarian projects worth $4.4 billion in partnership with different global nonprofit organizations.

According to a recent KSRelief report, the countries that benefited the most from its various projects include Yemen ($3 billion), Palestine ($358 million), Syria ($295 million) and Somalia ($192 million).

Shalhoub Al-Shalhoub, director of KSRelief media and public relations, said the center complements Saudi Arabia’s humanitarian role.

“The Kingdom realizes the importance of humanitarian aid. It focuses on helping the impoverished and victims of disasters around the world. We are partners with the UN and local as well as international nonprofit organizations,” he said.

Hana Hamadeh, public partnerships specialist for UNICEF, Gulf Area Office, told Arab News that the UNICEF is proud of its strategic partnership with KSRelief.

“In just five years, our cooperation successfully saved and improved the lives of millions of children. Our biggest collaboration has focused primarily on Yemen,” she said.

Hamadeh said the cooperation has expanded beyond Yemen to other countries in the Middle East and Africa.

This partnership, she said, has succeeded in achieving significant results. She said that the common goal of both organizations is to provide humanitarian assistance to children and families suffering from devastating crises.

She said in just five years, KSRelief has emerged as a global player with a strong influence and it is able to leverage support to many causes.

Zaid Al-Nahi, an external relations official at the World Health Organization (WHO), said within a short time KSRelief has become an efficient organization with a highly motivated team.

He told Arab News that WHO is now one of KSRelief’s main partners in various humanitarian projects in Yemen, Bangladesh and Pakistan.

Since its establishment, KSRelief has implemented over 1,295 projects in 51 countries.

Al-Nahi said it is no ordinary feat. He said WHO acknowledges the center’s pioneering role and is eager to expand its partnership to serve humanity.

This article was first published in Arab News

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