Jaguar marks June 24 as World Driving Day

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Time: June 27, 2018

Female racing driver Aseel Al-Hamad celebrated the end of the ban on women drivers with a lap of honor in a Jaguar F-TYPE, in the Kingdom.

Al-Hamad, the first female board member of the Saudi Arabian Motor Federation, had never driven on a track in her home country before.

She joined Jaguar in a call for June 24 to be known as World Driving Day — a day when finally, the whole world enjoyed the thrill of being behind the wheel of a car. On World Driving Day, Jaguar invites people to share a memory of their best driving moment (image or anecdote) using the #worlddrivingday.

“Having loved cars since I was a child, today is highly emotional for me. This is the best driving moment of my life. What better way to kick off World Driving Day than a lap of honor in my home country in a Jaguar F-TYPE — the ultimate car to roar around the track. I hope people around the world will share in our joy today by sharing their most memorable driving story using #worlddrivingday.”

By creating World Driving Day, Jaguar is urging people to remember this historic day and what it means to women, to Saudi Arabia and to world progress, in general. As part of its ongoing work with over 40 universities and academic institutions globally on future mobility solutions, the company will also be partnering with universities in Saudi Arabia to join this global network.

Jaguar Land Rover spokesperson, Salman Sultan, said: “We are delighted to mark this historic day with motorsport expert Aseel Al-Hamad as she races for the first time on Saudi soil and launches World Driving Day. This day is a commitment from Jaguar to celebrate this key moment annually for both men and women. This year, we’re really excited to collaborate with the brilliant students from Saudi Arabia to shape the future of mobility for people around the world.”

Mahmoud Mirza, national marketing and CRM manager at Mohamed Yousuf Naghi Motors Jaguar Land Rover, said: “We at Mohammed Yousuf Naghi Motors seek to support women driving, and to celebrate this historic day with the women of Saudi Arabia, and we are confident of the success of this important step, which will pave the way for further steps of progress for the Kingdom.”

This article was first published in Arab News

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