King Abdullah bin Abdulaziz International Award for Translation is Cognitive Record Enriching Human Thought

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Time: October 01, 2018      

The knowledge space expands as the translation windows expand. Thus, we can describe King Abdullah bin Abdulaziz International Award for Translation which has contributed in the past few years to expand the global knowledge cycle, enriched international thought and brought together civilizations by providing researchers, scientists and translators around the world.
This great blog and knowledge record contributes in translating human creativity in the linguistic, literary, cultural and scientific fields from Arabic to other languages, and from international languages into Arabic. The award transforms human thought into a global communication message.
On the International Translation Day celebrated every year on September 30, the Saudi Press Agency (SPA) highlights King Abdullah bin Abdulaziz International Award for Translation established in Riyadh, October 2006.
The award seeks to enhance communication among the Arab and Islamic cultures and other cultures. It is an international award for distinguished works of translation and prominent institutions, which contributed significantly to the field of translation from and into Arabic.
The award promotes cultural exchange among peoples of the world and drives to advance intellectual interaction among civilizations. The award recognizes excellence in works of translation, acknowledges translators’ accomplishments, and encourages efforts exerted in the translation industry.
This translation award advocates ideological, intellectual, and cultural dialogue among civilizations and narrows the gap separating nations, as translation is a prominent tool in vitalizing cross-cultural communication.
Promoting mutual transfer of knowledge, which is an immediate product of translation, will help nations satisfy this fundamental human necessity of communication and create the ideal environment for understanding, cooperation, and coexistence. This award traverses all linguistic and geographical boundaries to deliver a message of human understanding.
The objectives of the award contribute to the transfer of knowledge from and into Arabic; to promote translation into Arabic in the various fields of science; enrich the Arab archive by publishing distinguished works of translation; recognize the achievements of institutions with outstanding contributions in the field of scientific translations from and into Arabic, and establish standards of excellence in translation with regard to originality, scientific value, and text quality.
Enhancing the award’s role at the global level, it is approved to hold a handing over ceremony in a number of capital cities in the world, including Paris, Beijing, Berlin, Geneva and Spanish city of Toledo.
This award seeks to enhance cooperation of all Arab countries in adopting an integrated project for translating distinct works in the Arabic culture into global languages in addition to a translation of new editions of the applied sciences into Arabic language.

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