KSRelief continues water supply project in Yemen

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Time: 26 May, 2020

KSRelief has carried out hundreds of humanitarian projects in Yemen. (SPA)

HAJJAH: The King Salman Humanitarian Aid and Relief Center (KSRelief) continued the implementation of its water supply and environmental sanitation projects in a number of directorates in the Yemeni Hajjah governorate.

Between May 14-20, approximately 101,000 liters of healthy drinking water and 202,000 liters of water for other purposes were pumped into tanks, benefiting a total of 5,600 people.

The projects come within the framework of the Kingdom’s relief efforts to improve the living conditions of Yemenis through the country’s humanitarian crisis.

KSRelief has implemented 1,295 projects worth $4.4 billion throughout the world.

In Yemen, KSRelief has carried out hundreds of humanitarian projects, including initiatives in the health sector, food security, education, emergency communications, and sanitation.

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