KSRelief donates medical equipment to the Rohingyas

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Time: September 03, 2018  


  • KSRelief has donated US$400,000 in hospital operations

DHAKA: On Sunday morning, Hajjera Khatun, 34, a Rohingya refugee of Leda Camp, Cox’s Bazar, visited the Malaysian Field Hospital (MFH) to see her four-year-old son Mohammad Nejad, who cannot walk because of his leg, which has been crippled since birth.
“I have visited this hospital several times before. Probably my son requires surgery and the doctors prescribed some medicine today with the suggestion to bring the child again after one month,” Khatun told Arab News.
For many of the Rohingyas in the Cox’s Bazar area, this hospital is one of the few last resorts for receiving quality treatment in the Rohingya camp areas.
Since December 2017, the MFH has treated more than 25,000 patients from the Rohingya and Bangladesh community, including 768 surgeries.
The 55-bed field hospital was set up by the Malaysian government in response to the Rohingya humanitarian crisis with the support of King Salman Humanitarian aid and relief center (KSRelief) and the UAE.
KSRelief donated a large amount of medical aid equipment to the MFH last Friday to facilitate medical support to Rohingya refugees in the relief camps of Cox’s Bazar.
Dr. Sulieman Ahmed Al-Shurei of KSRelief and Hussein Al-Anzi, director of the office of the Ambassador of Saudi Arabia handed over the equipment to the MFH director, Dr. Mohd Arshil bin Moideen.
“We have received 18 high-value batches of medical equipment from KSRelief, which will help a lot in our treatment and diagnosis process. So far KSRelief has donated around $400,000 in our hospital operations,” Moideen told Arab News.
This level 3 tertiary field hospital provides all sorts of medical care, such as two operating theaters, ICU, wards, dental services, emergency department, labor room, pediatric unit, orthopedic unit, internal medicine unit, Obgyn unit, preventive medicine unit and a logistic unit, Moideen said.

This article was first published in Arab News

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