KSRelief inaugurates refugee camp in Hodeidah, Yemen

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Time: September 10, 2018 

JEDDAH: The King Salman Humanitarian Aid and Relief Center (KSRelief) has launched a camp for displaced Yemenis in Bani Jaber, in Al-Khokha directorate in Hodeidah governorate.
The camp will be able to accommodate in its first phase 420 displaced persons, providing them with tents, blankets, sleeping rugs, water tanks and mobile clinics.
It is worth mentioning that the project aims at distributing 500 tents, 3,000 blankets and 1,000 mats benefiting 30,000 displaced persons. The camp also houses mobile medical clinics offering health services to refugee camps. These include Al Batiniyyah clinic, an emergency ward, a laboratory, a pharmacy, a nutrition section for malnourished children, a reproductive health section, an obstetrics and a gynecology clinic and a hypnotherapy section. The camp also features an ambulance and a mobile clinic for the neighboring camps served by 25 female volunteers that will receive training courses in the field of community health.
KSRelief will also provide water and sanitation services to the camps, supplying 3,500,000 liters of drinking water, 3,150,000 liters of water for public use, 34 2,000-liter water tanks, 1,000 10-liter plastic containers, 500 bags containing basic and hygiene materials,
The camp also includes 100 emergency toilets, a waste disposal site and a sewage disposal plant.
Director of the Executive Unit of Displaced People Camps Najeeb Al-Sa’adi expressed his sincere thanks to the Saudi leadership, represented by King Salman, and Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman for their efforts to alleviate the suffering of the Yemeni people.
Al-Sa’adi uttered his admiration for the various services provided by the camp.
Abdullah Al-Tayyar, coordinator of KSRelief in Aden Abdullah expressed happiness and optimism in inaugurating this camp benefiting 30,000 displaces persons.

This article was first published in Arab News

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