KSrelief Launches Pesticide Fogger Campaign to Fight Dengue Fever in Aden Region

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Time: 29 August 2020

ADEN, YEMEN: Yesterday, King Salman Humanitarian Aid and Relief Centre (KSrelief), in collaboration with the Aid Foundation, launched a campaign to combat dengue fever in Aden’s Briqa district using insecticide foggers. The campaign will last for five months, and will benefit some 861,719 people.

The director of the Office of the Ministry of Public Health in the Directorate of Briqa, Fahd al-Alawi, praised KSrelief’s rapid-response initiative to conduct the fogger campaign at targeted sites following the emergence of cases of dengue fever in the Ras Omran area of the directorate.

In July, KSrelief launched an emergency response project to combat dengue fever, through fogger pesticide application. Stagnant water suction will also be carried out on standing water and in marshy areas in all of Aden’s directorates in order to eradicate mosquitoes that transmit dengue fever.

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