KSrelief’s Artificial Limbs Centers Provide Patients with Expert Care and Hope for the Future

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Time: 24 July, 2020

YEMEN: Artificial Limbs Centers established and supported by King Salman Humanitarian Aid and Relief Centre (KSrelief) provide vital services to amputees and disabled patients throughout Yemen. The centers, with locations in Taiz, Ma’rib and Aden, provide a wide range of services to amputees and others with physical challenges.

From 1 January to 30 June 2020, 5,154 services were provided to 2,862 patients, including the manufacturing and fitting of prosthetic limbs, physical therapy and rehabilitation, and the training of Yemeni cadres to work in the centers.

During the past six months, the staff worked as a team to deal with challenging medical cases, such as that of “Suhail”, a boy who came to them because he was suffering from a birth defect – curvature of the spine. Suhail’s family brought him to the Artificial Limbs Center hoping to find a way to improve the boy’s quality of life. The team at the center diagnosed his condition, then provided him with physical therapy, medical devices and continuous follow-up, and his condition improved.  Suhail and his family are how hopeful that his increased mobility will allow him to live a more normal life.

Another story involves “Ayed”, a boy whose foot was deformed and caused him to have limited mobility, making him unable to go to school or play with his friends. Ayed visited the center with his father, and the center provided him with comprehensive care and treatment. After receiving a prosthetic device to help him walk on his own, Ayed was able to join in normal children’s activities, including schooling.

“Ali” is the father of four children with disabilities, which caused great difficulties to the family, especially during the current crisis in Yemen. When the father reached out to the Artificial Limbs Center, the center arranged for all four children to come for evaluation; the children were all given intensive physical therapy and follow-up care, and now their lives are much improved.

The staff at the centers have witnessed and recorded many stories of hope and healing during the first half of 2020. The patients and their families are very grateful to KSrelief and the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia for providing them with improved health, quality of life and hope for the future.

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