KSrelief’s Artificial Limbs Centers Provide Patients with Expert Care and Hope for the Future

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Time: 18 March, 2020

ADEN, YEMEN: Artificial Limbs Centers established and supported by King Salman Humanitarian Aid and Relief Centre (KSrelief) provide vital services to amputees and disabled patients throughout Yemen. The centers, which include locations in Taiz, Ma’rib and Aden, provide a wide range of services to amputees and others with physical challenges; services include the manufacturing and fitting of prosthetic limbs, physical therapy and rehabilitation, and specialized treatment for congenital conditions and other disabilites.

Below are the stories of just a few of the people whose lives have been changed by these centers of caring:

Ehab was born with a condition commonly known as “dwarfism”, which is defined as “short stature resulting from a genetic or medical condition”. His mother explained that by the time Ehab was in the second year of high school, his condition was a major obstacle to his mobility and ability to function. Even his 17 kilograms of body weight was too much for Ehab’s legs to carry him; he couldn’t climb stairs navigate on his own over the rugged terrain near his home. With all of these challenges, Ehab’s dream of completing his education seemed impossible.

Then, his mother found out about KSrelief’s Artificial Limbs Center in Taiz, which offers extensive physical rehabilitation services for the disabled. Hoping to improve the ability of his lower limbs to carry his body, Ehab began a course of physical therapy to help strengthen his body and improve his mobility. With the help of the center, he hopes to someday be able to move more easily, complete his education and go on to fulfill his dreams for the future.

Meshaal is a 20-month old boy who lives with his family in the Taiz governorate. The toddler was born with a congenital abnormality in the knee in his left leg, a condition his mother sought to hide from others, even though his condition was getting progressively worse over time. Meshaal’s mother was avoiding visiting others, and whenever anyone came to visit at home, she tried to hide his abnormality to protect her son from the negative opinions of others.

After taking Meshaal to many doctors, she was urged to take her son to KSrelief’s Artificial Limbs Center in the Ma’rib governorate. When she and Meshaal arrived at the center, they were greeted warmly, and she was impressed with the facilities available to help her son. Although before she came to the center she’d been afraid that her son would never be able to walk, Meshaal’s mother was delighted to learn that he would fully recover and live a normal, healthy life.

The expert staff at the center took measurements of Meshaal’s leg to create custom prosthetic splints to begin his treatment, and the technical team reassured the mother that correction of her son’s condition was only a matter of time. She now hopes that everyone suffering from a disability can reach the state of hopefulness and joy her family found at KSrelief’s Artificial Limbs Center, and is so grateful for the center’s high level of care and compassion for her son.

While Muhammad Ali Balghith was trying to save a wounded person in the town of Hayran in the Al Hudaydah Governorate, he was shot in the left leg. “I underwent treatment at the hospital for 6 months,” the 25-year-old reported, “before the doctors made the difficult decision to amputate my leg just below the knee. My hope for a normal life was immediately gone, since I was then unable to walk.”

The doctors referred Muhammed to KSrelief’s Artificial Limbs Center, and he arrived there both sad and heartbroken. Right away, the center’s trained experts began to take his measurements and start working on making him a prosthetic leg. Once the limb was ready, Muhammed was taught how to use it, and after a period of training and rehabilitation, he was very happy with the results. “I began to feel comfortable,” he said, “and the joy of life came back to me! Finally, I was able to walk easily.”

The Yemeni artist Ali Al Khayyat visited the Artificial Limbs Center in Ma’rib to find out how his wife could receive treatment for her hand. “The way the staff treated us and welcomed us to the center was very special, polite and heartwarming,” he said. “My wife was examined with a great care and given all needed attention.”

Mr. Al Khayyat added that all of the patients at the center received the same kind of treatment, adding that he believed the facility was of great value to all of its patients and their families, helping injured and disabled Yemenis live their lives fully in a way they might only have dreamed about before. He added his appreciation for everything KSrelief was doing to alleviate the suffering of all Yemenis during the ongoing humanitarian crisis in their country.

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