KSrelief’s Nutritional Medical Clinics in Hudaydah Continue to Provide Services in Hudaydah

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Time: 17 August 2020

HUDAYDAH, YEMEN: King Salman Humanitarian Aid and Relief Centre (KSrelief) Emergency Nutritional Clinics continue to provide treatment services in the Al-Khoukha district of the Hudaydah governorate, in partnership with the Taybah Development Foundation.

Between 6 and 12 August 2020, 1,986 beneficiaries were received at the clinics: 199 in the reproductive health clinic, 21 in the therapeutic feeding clinic, 434 in the surgical and wound-dressing clinic, 41 in the maternity clinic, 6 in the medical referral department, 862 in the education and awareness department, and 28 in the maternity clinic.

Laboratory tests were carried out for 979 patients, 2,779 patients were prescribed medications, the hypnosis department received two patients, the department of electrocardiograms and blood transfusions received 29 individuals, and 1,249 cases were reviewed by the health care department.

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